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Therapy Services Program

Physical Therapy       Occupational Therapy       Speech Language Pathology

The therapists at Shining Hope Farms are members of The American Hippotherapy Association (AHA). The AHA is a group of medical professionals (physical, occupational and speech therapists) and others who are interested in the use of equine movement as a treatment strategy. AHA is an affiliate partner of PATH Intl. (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International), a national non-profit organization.

Therapy services (OT, PT, or SLP) are offered in the farm environment utilizing the highly motivating tools of interaction with farm animals and the natural environment for therapeutic rehabilitation, skill building, and adaptation. Therapists may also utilize equine movement and related activities for appropriate clients. Once clients have met their individualized physical, cognitive, and/or communication goals, therapists will suggest and help facilitate goal maintenance by providing opportunities for continued participation at the farm (e.g. volunteering, work-based projects, recreational horseback riding, horticulture, or animal care).

The Federal Government has approved Shining Hope Farms as a Medicaid Health Care Provider Center in order to provide Physical, Occupational, and Speech Language Pathology therapy services at our facility, which includes a therapy clinic. Shining Hope Farms is also a participating health care provider with several of the major insurance companies.  This is an insurance billable service and consumers are responsible for their co pays and deductibles for services rendered at the time of service.