Saying goodbye to one of our own, sweet Kennedy

Feb 9, 2017 | News

“As a therapist at Shining Hope Farms I have the privilege of meeting and working with amazing children and families everyday. Each story is different and special in its own way and no matter how many years you have put in as a therapist every child holds a special place in your heart, but some children leave a bigger mark on your heart than others -Kennedy was one of these children.

Kennedy was small but her personality was big. She was cautious to get to know and trust you but once she did her love and connection was like no other. Her smile and laugh were contagious. She never had to say a word for her expressions and gestures spoke volumes. Her spirit and joy were life lessons to all she met–that your love and determination can overcome the challenges you are given. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Kennedy but her memory and spirit remain strong with those she met at Shining Hope Farms. I will always remember Kennedy’s face when she came to the farm-pure happiness. Her smile while she sat on the swing with her stuffed horses and her strength as she walked with hands held to the barn. She loved the toys and the people but she especially loved her time with her pony Willy. I will always remember that no matter the day or the weather, when she was on Willy, Kennedy was smiling and tapping his withers to “walk on”. Kennedy will be missed and loved by all at Shining Hope Farms.” – Kelly Coney-Pacious, Physical Therapist

Read more and view a photo gallery of our time with Kennedy on our Facebook page.

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