What We Did Over the Holidays

Jan 9, 2020 | News

Shining Hope Farms was quite busy over the Christmas & New Year’s break. We often use this time while kids are not on horses to upgrade the facilities and have jobs performed that we cannot do during regular business days.

There are a lot of people we would like to thank for helping us to get these jobs done!

Matthew Betz of The Davey Tree Expert Company and his capable team took down three very large dead trees at our Mt. Holly farm.

Gerald Mallory of Palmera Distribution hauled truck loads of pit gravel to both the Charlotte and Mt Holly farms. The materials will be used to upgrade our sensory trails for our wonderful participants.

Bill Kellichner and Paul Kirkpatrick changed out 8ft light fixtures that had bad ballasts at our Conover farm. Bill is also repairing the sprinkler system in the covered arena at Conover.

Dustin Hufnal of Squirrel Squad upgraded our main office computer.

Rex “Rocky” Culbertson, who was assisted by Kevin Hinson, took down the 80-100 ft tall pine trees at the entrance of our Mt Holly farm in order to widen the driveway for trucks and trailers to enter safely.

Rocky skillfully fell each tree right where he had planned. Widening the driveway is something that has been needed for a while so we are very grateful to Rocky for taking the initiative to get the job done over the Christmas break.

Jessi Culbertson purchased, delivered, and set up two bale barns at our Charlotte and Mt. Holly farms to keep our horses happy, healthy, and safe! Getting all this situated was a lot of work so a big thanks goes to Jessi for being so generous with her time!! (See photo at top)

Vinny Bocchino, Harvey Thomas, and Marshall Seguin have been providing ongoing support to the families of the farms by volunteering their time to install new LED lights in the workshop, repairing fencing, hauling hay, etc.

We also had a tractor trailer load of hay delivered. Thank you so much to Melissa and Will Miller, Zach Miller, Kevin Hinson, Paul Kirkpatrick, and Jessi and Rocky Culbertson for unloading and stacking nearly 600 square bales!

As you can tell, we have made much progress over the holidays all for the sweet families that we serve. We love them all! Thank you to everyone above for making this possible!

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