Shining Hope Farms Selected as North Mecklenburg Women’s Club Gold Charity

Aug 4, 2021 | News

Shining Hope Farms is ecstatic and proud to have learned that we will be a Gold Charity of the North Mecklenburg Woman’s Club for the upcoming year. The North Mecklenburg Woman’s Club brings women together to promote and support social, educational, and civic progress in the community. Last year we were fortunate to be selected as a Silver Charity, and we couldn’t be more surprised and touched to have been selected for Gold this year. During these challenging times, this grant support could not be more needed or appreciated. You can support us, and other charities in the North Mecklenburg area (the other selected charities for this upcoming year include Bags of Hope, ANSWER Scholarship, Bright Blessings LKN, and Cool Kids Campaign) by checking out NMWC’s full events calendar and participating in their fun, entertaining, and cause-worthy events:
Thank you ladies for your favorable consideration of our request and for your investment to promote life-changing well-being benefits to our participants.

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