How Hippotherapy Helped Julian to Thrive

Nov 22, 2022 | News

Meet Julian!

Julian is a happy and outgoing 6-year-old boy. Julian began receiving in home therapy services including physical therapy as a baby. When he turned two and a half Julian and his family found Shining Hope Farms and began outpatient physical therapy services including hippotherapy. Since starting physical therapy services at Shining Hope Farms, Julian has made amazing progress. When initiating services Julian was already walking independently but had to wear a helmet due to frequent falls and not being able to catch himself to prevent injury.

Julian starting physical therapy at Shining Hope Farms

Now Julian is not only able to navigate his home and school safely but is able to run and play with his friends and siblings on the playground. He is able to complete the stairs in his home without assist or supervision and climb into his family’s car to go out in the community.

Julian is now school aged and has transitioned safely into the school environment. His attention and ability to transition between tasks as well as try new and more challenging activities has grown significantly over the years as well.

Julian in physical therapy today at Shining Hope Farms

It is so incredible to see the progress Julian makes every week-just the other week Julian came in so excited to tell staff about going trick or treating dressed up with his family as the lion from Wizard of Oz, something that previously would have been challenging for him.

Julian in physical therapy today at Shining Hope Farms

Julian’s mom states that the greatest impact has been the improved strength and confidence Julian has gained after years of hard work that allows him to safely navigate his environment.  She reports that it has really improved his social skills as well and that he “absolutely loves coming to therapy and seeing the staff and “lights up every time he is on the horse”.

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