Corning Makes a Big Impact at Shining Hope Farms

Dec 13, 2022 | Article, News

We want to thank Corning Optical Communications employees for their day of service at our Charlotte location on September 27. Special thanks to Melissa Schmidt for coordinating the day for us. They were able to totally transform the property by accomplishing the following projects:


  • Painting pasture fencing and the manure containment storage
  • Weeding and reworking landscape beds including spreading mulch
  • Creating new landscape beds
  • Clearing out brush, fallen trees, dead trees and limbs from a horse pasture
  • Weed eating under the fence lines
  • Reworking the electric fencing by replacing old fencing with new
  • Installing post covers over the T-posts to make it a safe environment for the horses
  • General maintenance and repairs and cleaning up the property

We are so grateful for their hard work and commitment to helping us to fulfill our mission. Not only did they provide a very productive work day with the dedicated employees, but Corning also awarded Shining Hope Farms with a $10,000 donation to support the Veterans in our Saddles and Salutes program. We are ever so appreciative for the support demonstrated by Corning.

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