Shining Hope Farms Works With Local Nonprofit Apparo

May 18, 2023 | News

Shining Hope Farms Works With Local Nonprofit Apparo

This past winter, Shining Hope Farms was fortunate to work with local nonprofit Apparo, and Digital Strategy and Transformation Leader Saravana Rajan who generously volunteered his time on transitioning Shining Hope Farms to Salesforce as part of their free “Tech Therapy” service offering.

Apparo is an incredible resource for nonprofits in the community. They are kind, giving, and knowledgeable. They are also extremely innovative in their service offerings.

The free, weeks-long, Tech Therapy engagement got us to meet regularly and start formalizing our scattered thinking so that we could start moving forward with an actionable plan.

We came to Tech Therapy very disorganized in what we were realistically trying to accomplish in our transition to Salesforce and how we were going to get there. Our goal was to come up with a plan as well as get some nagging outstanding questions answered that were stalling us.

Because of the Tech Therapy engagement we were able to come up with a road map for how we’re going to move forward and establish a workflow. We have sustained a weekly meeting time to work on our plan which has kept us motivated to continuously make progress. We have even been able to roll out several pieces of our plan already which is amazing.

This has already made a huge difference to our organization and allowed us to go paperless in at least one area and saving us time in another.

We’re very grateful to Apparo and Saravana Rajan for helping to make this happen.

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