Boosting Horse Health with Smart Earth Camelina Oil: A Game-Changer for Shining Hope Farms

Aug 1, 2023 | Article

One year ago, a horse named Red came to us in poor condition. He needed some extra care and attention, especially before becoming a therapy horse, and so our barn manager Cindy started searching on the internet for a good oil supplement to help him. She wanted something to help him gain weight, be shelf stable and offer other types of supplements to help him be the best that he could be. That’s when she found Smart Earth Camelina Oil. She did A LOT of research on the product and the brand. She talked with one of their representatives on the phone and they actually generously gave us three five-gallon tubs of oil to start him on! After putting Red on the product, we were stunned with the results. We immediately wanted to get all of our horses on the product, but being a small nonprofit, we knew this might be a stretch for us. Figuring it couldn’t hurt to ask, Cindy reached out to them asking if they would sponsor all of our horses. To our amazement they generously said yes. Now thanks to Smart Earth, we’re seeing amazing transformations within our whole herd.

Transforming our Therapy Horses’ Lives

Over the past few months, the Camelina Oil has been making a significant impact on the health and well-being of our therapy horses at Shining Hope Farms. It has been improving their overall condition and helping them to look and feel their best for the important role that they have in our programs. As we mentioned before, this product played such a crucial role in Red’s transformation into a happy and healthy good boy.

The Power of Camelina Oil

Camelina oil, derived from the camelina plant, is known for its excellent quality meal and oil, making it a fantastic addition to animal feed and aquaculture. What makes Camelina oil so special is its anti-inflammatory properties, which have proven to be highly beneficial for animals’ skin, joint, and overall health. In fact, we’ve noticed a significant reduction in allergy symptoms and improved immune function among our therapy horses since incorporating Camelina oil into their diet.

Fighting Allergies and Boosting Immunity

Recently, our horses have been struggling with hives and allergic reactions, which not only cause them pain but also disrupt their ability to participate in therapy sessions. We discovered that vitamin E plays a critical role in boosting their immune systems and helping them fight off these challenges. Luckily, Camelina oil from Smart Earth is a fantastic source of vitamin E, and we’ve witnessed remarkable improvements in our horses’ overall well-being. Plus, it seems that Dunkin is quite fond of its taste too!

Omega-Rich Goodness:

Did you know that many animals suffer from omega deficiencies? These deficiencies can lead to various health issues such as weight problems, joint discomfort, dull coat, and even mood dysfunction. Fortunately, Camelina oil comes to the rescue! It is packed with the ideal ratio of omegas, which is not commonly found in oils like fish, flax, or canola. By incorporating Camelina oil into our horses’ diets, we’ve seen a multitude of benefits that have positively impacted their overall health and vitality.

The Many Benefits:

Here are some of the incredible benefits we’ve observed in our horses thanks to Camelina oil:

  1. Anti-inflammatory properties: Helps alleviate joint pain and reduce inflammation.
  2. Antioxidant support: Protects cells from damage and supports overall well-being.
  3. Immunity boost: Strengthens the immune system and promotes a healthier, more resilient horse.
  4. Healthy skin, coat, and hooves: Enhances the natural beauty and vitality of your horse.
  5. Reduction of allergy symptoms: Minimizes itchiness and discomfort caused by allergies.
  6. Improved mood and anxiety management: Creates a calming effect and reduces anxiety in horses.
  7. Cognitive support with aging: Supports mental clarity and brain health in older horses.
  8. Eye, brain, and immune development in foals: Aids in the growth and development of young horses.
  9. Complementary support for specific conditions: Can be beneficial for horses with Cushing’s, laminitis, digestive issues, and mood disorders.
  10. Weight gain for hard keepers: Helps maintain a healthy weight for horses struggling to put on pounds.

We are so grateful for the support and partnership with Smart Earth Camelina, whose Camelina oil has made a remarkable difference in the health and well-being of our therapy horses. We’ve seen firsthand the transformative effects of this incredible product, from reducing allergy symptoms to boosting immune function and overall vitality. If you’re looking for a natural, effective way to enhance your horse’s health, we highly recommend giving Camelina oil a try. Your equines will thank you for it!

Note: Before making any dietary changes or adding supplements to your horse’s diet, it’s important to consult with a veterinarian or equine nutritionist to ensure it aligns with their specific needs.

Why Smart Earth Camelina Oil?

Smart Earth Equine Product Information for Equines



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