Spring Bass Tournament Confirmed Entries

Blast off in order of registration, in groups of 30. (Entry 1-30 will be first group out, then 31-60, etc.).

Displaying 1 - 30 of 39

Entry NumberNamePartner Name
1Tim WaddellMark Beshears
2Preston HarrisStanton Harris
3Kevin YoungClay Ritchie
4Chad Midkiff
5Donald PoteatDonald Poteat
6Dale Duncan
7Cody HoyleJessica Hoyle
8Alex IkerdAmy Ritch
9Michael SmithRoger Pope
10BLAKE CONNERBrandon Conner
11Brayden RakesChris Cox
12Daniel RayTerry Wike
13Greg SimsBobby Young
14Dale Dobbins
15Dale Phillips
16Robert VickersClay Williams
17B lake Smith
18Edward LouthenMark Gallinger
19Rob DighAaron Digh
20William HearnJohn Hearn
21Corey LassiterColby Lassiter
22Jason WilsonKelly Logan
23Joshua GoodeTanner Mcmahan
24TJ Murphy
25Vincent ParkerMark Parker
26John CurryAaron Curry
27Ethan SmithSteve Smith
28CHASE HALLDeclan Ledoux
29Isaac LedfordBrian Morgan
30Chris CarnesMike Carnes
Entry NumberNamePartner Name

Shining Hope Farms Charity Bass Tournament

This May, Shining Hope Farms is hosting its Inaugural Charity Bass Tournament. This event will support our mission of enabling children and adults to reach their full potential through the use of equine assisted activities and therapies.