Shining Hope Farms Bass Tournament Rules


If any team member has failed or denied a polygraph/ stress test or been banned from any tournament event for cheating with proof provided, said team member is not eligible for this event. Shining Hope Farms reserves the right to deny entry to any angler/ or team for any reason deemed fit by the tournament committee. NO EXCEPTIONS

Launch Order

To be determined by order of registration received Online or at Ramp. (Flights of30) OFF LIMITS-Tournament waters are off limits from Monday 12:00 AM until Saturday morning blastoff.

Weigh In

All teams must return to weigh-in site at the designated time. A late penalty of 1 lb per minute up to 5 minutes will be assessed after 5 minutes team’s weight will be disqualified.

Fish Limit

This is a 5-fish limit event: All fish 14 inches measured on Golden Rule – Mouth closed – No Short fish weighed. Teams or anglers must cull on 01′ fish NO CULLING AT RAMP. ALL SIGT FISH MUST BE HOOKED IN THE MOUTH. NO SNAGGING BEDDING FISH-AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION.

Dead Fish Penalty

½ lb. per dead fish -Dead fish will not count for Big Fish Prize


All boats must have working Livewells. Livewells must be checked at the launch site.

On Water Off-Limits

Skimmer wall at Hwy 150 bridge, Wall at the back of State Park, any buoys marked keep out, Any skimmer lines with buoys. Any water not navigable by boat

Exiting Boat

No angler is permitted to leave the boat for any reason other than an emergency. Medical or Call of Nature.

Cell Phones / 2-Way Radios

Shall not be used other than an emergency, medical assistance, family emergency, or to contact the director.

Hole Sitting

Automatic Disqualification

Trolling/ Long Lining/ Live Bait

None of these are permitted during tournament hours. Only 1 rod per angler may be used and artificial bait only.

Life Vest / Kill Switch

Must be worn at blast off and anytime boat is on plane.


A team or angler may only receive assistance from another competitor fishing the event. ONLY AFTER THE DIRECTOR HAS BEEN NOTIFIED. FAILURE TO NOTIFY THE DIRECTOR WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION OF THE TEAMS CATCH. A team or angler may only be towed in by another competitor’s boat. A team or angler may transfer their catch to another competitor’s boat and be transported to the weigh site ONLY after the director has been notified. NO team or angler is allowed to trailer their catch to the weigh site.

Alcohol / Drugs

Any use of alcohol or drugs during tournament hours AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION


Shining Hope Farms tournament committee has the right to postpone, cancel, or delay event for the safety of its anglers in the event of inclement weather.


All anglers and teams will conduct themselves with respect and dignity and in a sportsmanlike conduct.


All teams and anglers are subject to a polygraph/ stress test. Refusal of said test will result in disqualification NO REFUND


All protests should be made to the tournament Director within 15 minutes of scales closing.

Waiver/ Release Of Liability

By signing the waiver you and your partner are releasing Shining Hope, Foothills Marine, and all its associates from all liability or injury for you, your partner, and your belongings before, during, or after tournament hours.

Foothills Bonus Money

Registered angler must be able to provide bill of sale from Foothills Marine with their name on it. The said boat must be used in the tournament. Exception – Minor who can produce bill of sale with custodial parent’s name on it.

Social Media

Shining Hope Farms/ Foothills Marine will not tolerate any slandering of its event on any social media platform.


The Tournament Directors decision is final.