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Fun Horse Show on May 5

Shining Hope Farms is hosting a Fun Horse Show on May 5 with individuals from surrounding counties. This event will be a great way for riders with disabilities as well as those who are able bodied to show off their hard work and skills to family and friends, socialize, and have fun!

What is Hippotherapy?

While many people are familiar with the therapeutic benefits that horses provide, they are not always familiar with what Hippotherapy specifically is. Read on to learn all about this unique treatment strategy.

Hippotherapy Times Three: Triplets’ Journey with Hippotherapy

When triplets Forest, Sky and Laurel first started riding at Shining Hope Farms, they were two year olds who were not yet potty-trained, speaking or responding to anyone. Recently, Laurel and Forest were able to join us again as spunky seven year olds and the benefits they gain now are just as great as when they started riding.

#SummerShareCLT – Give need a vacation and shop for good. 

Need in Charlotte doesn’t get a vacation. That’s what SummerSHARE is all about. This two-week event, which starts July 10 and lasts until July 21, will inspire our community to give much-needed products that we need RIGHT NOW. We are collaborating with a bunch of...

Make your impact today

Your contribution of time or funds to Shining Hope Farms will make a direct difference in the life of a child or adult with disabilities.