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Meet Janiah

Meet Janiah

Janiah, an almost 6 year old is described by her therapist as sweet and fun, but also very competitive and a hard worker. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Janiah has had challenges with her legs and walking independently, as well as with some fine motor tasks. What she also has though, is a group of people that could not be more dedicated to loving on her and helping her to reach her full potential.

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Shining Hope Farms Receives $7,500 Quality of Life Grant from Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation for Lift System

Shining Hope Farms will use the grant to purchase a lift system for their Mt. Holly location that will allow them to transport clients with paralysis safely on and off the horse. It will also allow them to expand what clients they can serve, as it is currently difficult if not impossible to serve clients of certain sizes or with certain mobility issues as they cannot easily mount and dismount them onto the horse.

What’s It Like Volunteering At Shining Hope Farms?

Have you wondered what it’s like volunteering at Shining Hope Farms? Have you been nervous to start? Shining Hope Farms volunteer Rachel Szeghy did an awesome job documenting her volunteer experience so she could tell you all about it.

Mt. Holly Farm Indoor Arena and Barn Makeover Reveal

Five years ago today, some very generous PUSH America members from across the southeast descended upon Shining Hope Farms’ Mt. Holly location to begin constructing what would eventually become our new indoor arena. Fast forward five years and we’ve finally done it!

Patient Brie Was Able to Overcome Her Greatest Fear

After almost 3 months of weekly occupational therapy sessions, patient Brie, with continual encouragement from family and her therapy team, found the courage to overcome her biggest fear and pet her horse Desmond for the first time last week!

Fun Horse Show on May 5

Shining Hope Farms is hosting a Fun Horse Show on May 5 with individuals from surrounding counties. This event will be a great way for riders with disabilities as well as those who are able bodied to show off their hard work and skills to family and friends, socialize, and have fun!

What is Hippotherapy?

While many people are familiar with the therapeutic benefits that horses provide, they are not always familiar with what Hippotherapy specifically is. Read on to learn all about this unique treatment strategy.

Hippotherapy Times Three: Triplets’ Journey with Hippotherapy

When triplets Forest, Sky and Laurel first started riding at Shining Hope Farms, they were two year olds who were not yet potty-trained, speaking or responding to anyone. Recently, Laurel and Forest were able to join us again as spunky seven year olds and the benefits they gain now are just as great as when they started riding.

#SummerShareCLT – Give need a vacation and shop for good. 

Need in Charlotte doesn’t get a vacation. That’s what SummerSHARE is all about. This two-week event, which starts July 10 and lasts until July 21, will inspire our community to give much-needed products that we need RIGHT NOW. We are collaborating with a bunch of...

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